Thursday, 21 August 2008

Literary consultancies can help polish your manuscript

Getting an unbiased view of your manuscript can save you time and the disappointment of many rejection letters from publishers. It can also help you to develop as a writer. The Hilary Johnson Authors' Advisory Service in the UK has now teamed up with American affiliate to help US and Canadian authors polish their manuscripts.

Hilary Johnson says, “We are delighted to offer a special service for US and Canadian authors via our American affiliate, the highly-regarded editor and novelist, Caroline Upcher. Her 25-year career as Editorial Director for fiction with both major British and New York publishing houses has given her considerable experience of working with North American authors, a sound knowledge of the US fiction market and good connections with US agents and editors."

For full information about Caroline's background, her books and her editorial service, First Base , visit her website: To contact Caroline, email her at

The Hilary Johnson Authors' Advisory Service provides a proven reading/criticism service for novelists, writers of short stories , children’s books and authors of full-length non-fiction. Specialist advice is available for romantic fiction, including HM&B, crime/thrillers, science fiction/fantasy, radio/film/TV scripts and poetry. Also copy editing.

Increasingly, the covering letter and synopsis are crucial elements of an unsolicited submission to a publisher or literary agency. If these fail to make a good impression, then it is quite likely that the actual typescript will not be read by hard-pressed agents/editors. Assessment of either or both as separate items is available.

Readers are mainly professional editors with wide experience of helping authors to bring their work to the best possible standard. They also have a sound knowledge of the publishing/book-selling industries. Some are also published authors, though it is their sympathetic and insightful editorial skills which are of prime importance when it comes to giving authors really solid practical guidance. For further information contact

Monday, 18 August 2008

News Update

A selection of book indutry news from The Bookseller Magazine. Click through to read the full article.

Waterstone's takes on eight Books Etc shops in London
Waterstone's is to take control of eight Books Etc stores in London from Borders UK for a small fee...

O'Hagan attacks Richard and Judy culture
The novelist Andrew O'Hagan has accused Richard and Judy's Book Clubs of treating their readers as stupid. The attack was made at an Edinburgh International Book Festival event where O'Hagan criticised the presenters' limited selection of titles and accused them of missing a unique opportunity to promote good writing to a vast audience.

Chinese print costs hit home
Print costs in China have reached "unprecedented" levels, raising concerns that new titles could be delayed or cancelled. UK novelty, gift and illustrated publishers are the hardest hit.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Writing Women's Commercial Fiction Course

Literary consultancy, Cornerstones, have five places remaining on their annual course for writing women’s commercial fiction which is taking place on 15-17th September at Charney Manor Oxon. The tutors are award-winning author Julie Cohen, and founder and director of Cornerstones, Helen Corner. There will also be an agent from the William Morris Agency joining for an evening talk on ‘a day in the life of an agent’.

Places are limited to 14 authors and the author's own work is used during class. It's fun and will leave writers buzzing with new ideas on how to raise the quality of their women’s novel and make it more commercial.

Cornerstones is based in London. Contact them for further details. Telephone: + 44 (0)20 8968 0777, mob: 07971 457358 e mail: Kathryn Robinson] They are listed by The Society of Authors and Scouts for leading literary agents.