I am looking at the self publishing route and requiring advice

I have written an adventure on the high seas in a mid to late 21st century setting. I did it for fun and found that I enjoyed it. Now I am thinking about self publishing, any advice? D. Firth

Self publishing can be a very viable route. “Publishing and Promoting Your Book,” gives a great deal of advice on how to self publish and indeed promote your book.

One of the key things I would say is to ensure that your book is a professional product, which will be able to hold its own in any bookstore. Study those books closest to your genre and then imitate them in size, price, design and style.

Before production ensure that your writing is as good as it can be. Revise, revise, revise. Get the advice of a professional editor if possible and make sure that your plots hold together. I can thoroughly recommend the Hilary Johnson Authors’ Advisory service http://www.hilaryjohnson.com/ if you need a professional critique and edit. Hilary matches your MS with published authors in the same genre who give real practical advice and professional edits, although this will cost you.

If you feel that your novel is as good as it gets, then you could contact RPM http://www.rpm-repro.co.uk/ who not only print books, including short print runs, but in conjunction with their other company The Better Book Company http://www.thebetterbookcompany.com/ who can advise on editing, typesetting, jacket design, style and size of book and can also help you obtain an ISBN which will allow your book to be sold on line and in bookshops internationally. There is no commitment and no charge for an estimate, which would give you some idea of the costs involved and timescales. I hope this helps you.