Sales and distribution of books in the UK

I am presently at the point of publishing in UK and I would like to know more about sales and distribution.

Gardners and Bertrams are the two main book wholesalers in the UK. They supply to the book trade, some libraries and the Internet booksellers. They will require a discount usually 50-55% of the RRP. For example if your book retails at £10.00 and you negotiate a 50% discount with them you would invoice them for £5.00. You would need to ship your books to them when they have orders as they do not carry large amounts of stock. You should also register with the Amazon Advantage programme who can place orders for your books direct with you. Again, they usually require a 50-55% discount.

If you have an ISBN number for your book then it will automatically appear on many Internet book sites, and booksellers, both on line and off line, will be able to order it direct from you. Finding a distributor for a single title is very difficult, so you might need to distribute and sell yourself. You might also like to look at setting up your own web site/blog and putting details of your book on this with a link through to Amazon, who can then take orders for you. To do this you will need to join Amazon Associates, but you will also get commission on your book sales if the buyer clicks through from your site to Amazon and purchases the book.