Are you ready to submit your manuscript to an Agent?

Literary Consultancy, Cornerstones are offering a one month only chance for writers to submit their manuscripts and get the chance to be taken on by a Literary Agent. So if you think your manuscript is ready to submit to an Agent read on:

Cornerstones are offering for one month only - end date 22nd November – to consider your first five pages and synopsis with a view to passing you through to an agent.

MATERIAL is to be sent BY EMAIL to (and please follow the below instructions otherwise the material may not be considered.)

Email material using the email heading ‘Are you ready to submit offer’
5 pages double-spaced, 12 font, times new roman
1 page synopsis single spaced
NB: Unfortunately, Cornerstones won't have time to give the usual detailed feedback you would get from a report, so will only be able to give a 'yes' or a 'no' response.

PHASE TWO (by invitation only)
If the answer is 'yes' they'll ask to look at the first 3 chapters and synopsis. Again, they won't be able to give you reasons for a turn down.

PHASE THREE (by invitation only)
If the whole MS is submittable, reading/editing and passing you through to an agent is a free process (and always is for the author with Cornerstones). If, however, you receive a publication deal Cornerstones receive 10% of the worldwide initial deal only, on a win/fee basis. Terms and conditions will be sent to you after Phase Two.

Good luck.