Survey into reading and buying habits

For those of you who are interested there is a survey just published into the reading and buying habits in the UK.

The survey, commissioned by the Bookseller magazine and conducted by The Next Big Thing throws up some interesting data and although should not be taken as gospel it provides a snapshot into the reading and buying habits in the UK. You can read about the findings at

"3,159 people responded (just over 1,000 were surveyed in 2008 and all in face-to-face street interviews). They came from across all regions of the country, included a broad spread of adult age groups, a representative spread of all socio-economic groups, and an equal number of men and women."

In 2009 interviews were conducted on line, which of course could slew some of the findings.

"The overall favoured genres and the most popular genre in the downturn is the same as in the better economic climate: crime/thriller novels. "

"Crime/thrillers and science-fiction fans are the two categories that are more likely than average to continue to buy books at the same rate, at 45.5% and 41% respectively."

The survey also highlights the shift to online buying over other channels such as bookshops and supermarkets, which probably comes as no surprise to most of us. (This answer could be slewed because the survey was conducted on line.).

And although crime novels came out tops that doesn't mean writers of other genres or readers need despair. Sci fi was also a popular choice and the popularity of literary fiction appears to have risen. "In 2008 it was behind romance but in 2009 it is on a par."

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