Hardback Publisher Seeks Out New Writers

This item was taken from The Bookseller Magazine 19.08.09 written by Victoria Gallagher. I thought it might be of interest to writers seeking a publisher in the UK.

"A new publisher specialising in hardback titles has been set up to seek out and invest in new writers. Sparkling Books is aiming for the gift market, producing titles with "quality binding and beautiful design".

Anna Cuffaro, founded of Sparkling Books, says: "There are many talented writers out there whose books are rejected simply because they have had no previous titles published... We welcome first time authors and we promise to read every proposal we receive."

In October Sparkling Books will release its lead Christmas title, Gatwick Bear and the Secret Plans by Cuffaro herself. The book is a children's adventure story about a homeless bear who lives at Gatwick Airport and gets caught up in the world of top secret agents.

Next year, it plans to launch The Greatest Crash by David Kauders, "exposing why government policies are driving the global economy into a deeper crisis, why an austerity alternative will be of little help, and what really needs to be done".

Cuffaro said: "We have already commissioned several exciting titles and we are confident that we will continue to unearth talented people with unique and saleable books." "