Vote for the People's Book Prize

I'm delighted to announce that Michael Dean's moving novel of German resistance to Hitler, The Crooked Cross (Quaestor200), which was featured recently on this blog, has been nominated for The People’s Book Prize.

The People's Book Prize is a national competition aimed at discovering talented authors showcased exclusively at local libraries and on the People's Book Prize website. There is no panel of judges except the public!

Readers can vote for The Crooked Cross during August and September at

‘Forget Dan Brown. This is real art history, real conspiracy and really relevant. Glaser is a great figure, for whom one feels enormous empathy.’ - Alan Posener, The World on Sunday, Berlin

The Crooked Cross paints a portrait of Germany in 1933, just as Hitler comes to power. Against the backdrop of German political resistance and the Nazi assault on German Expressionist art, it tells the story of Gerhard Glaser, lawyer and art lover - a good man in bad times.

Glaser was the Public Prosecutor in the case of Geli Raubal, Hitler’s half-niece. Then and now the world believes that Geli committed suicide, but Glaser had evidence that Hitler murdered her - evidence he was unable to make stick. Then a Jewish art dealer, a friend of Glaser’s, is murdered because he bought some drawings Hitler did of Geli.

Glaser investigates the murder, hoping he has one last chance to bring Hitler within the law. But when that last chance fails, he is forced to abandon legality and risk his family’s lives, in a final despairing throw of the dice.

Michael Dean studied history at Worcester College, Oxford and Applied Linguistics at Edinburgh University. He was written over thirty non-fiction books for OUP, Penguin, Pearson and Hodder in England, Klett In Germany and Walters Noordhoff in Holland. He has had one play on television. This is his first novel.