Publishers cutting marketing budgets for books

With many publishers cutting their marketing budgets where does that leave authors?  The simple answer is undertaking a lot of marketing themselves. But then that's nothing new for the majority of writers.  The article below provides an insight into how some publishers are trimming their budgets, their attitudes and approaches to book marketing.  It could  also provide some tips for authors who want to promote their books.

With Marketing Budgets Slashed, Co-op and Web Take Priority

"With the recent economic downturn, book advertising — in the traditional sense at least — is on the decline. The majority of US publishers have cut their marketing budgets by 50-70% over the last year. What’s more, while some ad prices have been depressed, prices have not dropped far enough to make them a viable way to advertise most books: a full-page color ad in a leading national publication still costs somewhere in the range of $100,000, while a single 30-second spot on a network television morning talk show goes for a cool $50,000 price tag — prices steep enough to blow even the most generous book marketing budget in a single shot."

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