Apple's tablet and e books

This is an interesting article for anyone interested in e books, and their future potential, which should be all writers. Click on the link below to read the full article.

Can Apple's tablet do it again?:

"Apple's latest product is the eagerly awaited 'tablet' electronic reader. But no one knows exactly what it will do, nor whether it can duplicate the runaway success of the earlier iPod or iPhone. So what might we expect?

"What is known is that HarperCollins and other publishers have already been negotiating with Apple to make their ­e-books, magazines and news­papers immediately available on the new device."

"'With big names like HarperCollins and Time magazine weighing in, the Apple iTablet is going to change digital publishing in a way Amazon's Kindle hasn't yet done,' says Peter Moore, ­director of specialist publishers PSP Rare. 'With a touch-enabled colour screen and a similar size format to ­current magazines, the experience should be almost physical – with the added ­benefit of live content and links through to websites.'

Richard Charkin, executive director of Bloomsbury Publishing, is eager to meet this new entrant in the e-reader market. 'The fact that Apple is coming in is terrific. E-books are already ­happening with the Kindle – we have been pleasantly surprised by the ­volume of e-book sales – but this will accelerate it.'