Business Authors could benefit from Wiley alliance with Bloomberg for Imprint

John Wiley has formed an alliance with Bloomberg to publish business books under the Bloomberg Press banner.

Under the agreement, Wiley will publish books under the Bloomberg Press, a Wiley imprint name and will also do Bloomberg BusinessWeek-branded books. Bloomberg bought BusinessWeek magazine from McGraw-Hill last year.

Wiley said it will publish the Bloomberg material in traditional print books, e-books and other formats. The deal calls for Wiley to take over the entire Bloomberg backlist, publish books already in the pipeline, and to sign new titles, said Joan O'Neil, executive publisher, Wiley. She said Wiley will work Bloomberg Press to publish books"As one of the foremost book publishers for professionals, Wiley is the ideal custodian of the Bloomberg and Bloomberg BusinessWeek brands, and we are delighted with this new relationship," said Bloomberg News editor-in-chief Matthew Winkler.