Reading helps you to write

Reading is essential for writers not only can it help inspire you but it can also instruct you on how to write.

Reading improves a writer's vocabulary. If you come across a word you don't understand then look it up. You may wish to use this word in your writing. Ditto if you come across a phrase you like then jot it down.

Novels also give writers a sense of 'how to do it'. They offer templates that can be borrowed and adapted. 

Find an author you admire, read that author's work but as a writer rather than a reader; examine how the author creates narrative structures and characters, how he or she develops tension and writes dialogue. How he manages to get his characters from one place to another, a task that new writers often find difficult to accomplish.

Novels can also help to trigger memories from your own personal experience, and provide you with ideas.

Learn from the masters in your chosen genre. Read the novels you enjoy again and again, you learn something new each time.