Checklist for writing novels

When revising your novel consider the following:

1. Has the story got shape? Thinking of the novel as a line on a graph does it rise and fall with tension, rising each time to a climax?

2. Are there twists and turns

3. Examine your sub plots - what difference would it make if you took one out?

4. Are they sufficiently interwoven?

5. Do the events of the novel grow out of one another?

6. Is there cause and effect

7. Is there sufficient conflict?

8. Is there sufficient variety?

9. Is there a change of pace?

10. Are quickly moving scenes preceded by and followed by quieter ones?

11. Is the plot clear?

12. Is the story credible?

13. Have you surprised the reader?

14. Is there a change of scene and time?

15. Does the novel begin effectively

16. Does it end on a satisfactory note?


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