New Publishing ventures Australia, America, and possible opportunities for writers

Bloomsbury have announced that they will launch their own Australian division in January 2011. Current marketing director of Bloomsbury UK, Kathleen Farrar will be managing director of the new unit. Their longtime Australian distributor Allen & Unwin will provide sales and distribution services to the new company.

Sc-fi/horror publisher Night Shade Books is launching Pugilist Press, focused on 'contemporary literary fiction with an edge.'

Juliet Ulman is editor-in-chief of the new line, with Night Shade founder Jason Williams as publisher. 

Launching in the fall 2011, they will publish fourteen to sixteen books year in trade paperback.

Ulman says they are looking for 'tough literary fiction with a certain honesty and texture to it. Think Cormac McCarthy, Harry Crewes, Gustav Hasford, Lionel Shriver, Dennis Lehane, Ernest Hemingway. Writers whose stories are extremely well-crafted, but who deal in a narrative style and subject matter that is direct, gritty, and often painful.'