Web site to help market books dropped after concerns about costs

A book recommendations website, part of a trade-wide marketing campaign, was dropped after concern was raised about the costs of development and ongoing post-launch fees. The campaign based around the book recommendations website was culled because the website, www.findabook.com, would have cost £200,000 to develop.  There were also worries that there was no guarantee of a return on the investment and that there could be additional marketing costs following the launch. One estimate was that the final fee could have run to a "high six figures", far ahead of the initial scope of the plan.

However, marketing consultant, Damian Horner, the architect behind the initiative, said the campaign should not be allowed to drift away. He said: “The need for a generic campaign is becoming more urgent than ever—every year more people are moving more to online purchasing—there is no getting away from it. Rather than bury our heads in the sand, we need to get involved. Two industries pulling together on one site is much more powerful.”

The Publishers Association and Booksellers Association remain “very keen” on a trade-wide marketing campaign despite putting the initiative on “pause” due to concerns over the costs and effectiveness of the current proposal.The BA/PA Liaison Group’s committee will discuss new ideas that arise out of next week’s Book Industry Conference at a meeting in June.