The vast majority of consumers are dead set against buying an e-book

The Booksellers' annual survey Reading the Future 2010 into readers and book buyers habits, preferences and views provides some interesting facts including the finding that the vast majority of consumers (68%) are unlikely or dead set against buying an e-book reader. Three-quarters of readers are not aware of the Amazon Kindle and three in every five have never even heard of a Sony Reader.

Those were some of the findings in the innovation and technology section of Reading the Future, The Bookseller's third annual survey into what readers and book buyers are thinking, and consequently where the trade is heading to next.

The survey conducted by Next Big Thing  is a wide-ranging look at the industry which includes the genres that are likely to go up or down, the key factors that drive purchases, from recommendations, to marketing, to television, and where customers like to go—and will continue to go—to buy their books. 

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