Sainsbury’s looks at releasing its own range of branded children's books

Sainsbury’s is in discussions with publishers about releasing a series of own-branded children’s books. It also revealed that it planned to concentrate more on gift titles rather than biographies and hardbacks at its checkouts this Christmas.

Phil Carroll, the supermarket’s head of books, said: “We do particularly well with picture books but we think that having our own brand on them is something that could work particularly well.”

The supermarket revealed it was currently discounting at a lower rate compared to the wider market and that it was planning to increase its backlist range sales by 33% in 2010.

Book buyer Sharon Gurney at Sainsbury's says more checkout space will be devoted to books for eight weeks before Christmas with a focus on gift and humour. And Sainsbury’s head of entertainment Richard Crampton also revealed it would launch an online entertainment store within the next three months. He did not specifically refer to e-books but said: “It will have physical and digital products across all formats.”