Infinite Ideas to start publishing children’s books

Infinite Ideas is to move into children’s publishing according to the Bookseller Magazine. The company, which publishes business and lifestyle books, plans to publish ten children’s titles a year for the next two years, which may increase depending on its success. Joint c.e.o. Richard Burton said they had already experienced a "flood" of children’s submissions from writers.

Burton has also called for a new relationship to be forged between publishers and writers. He doesn't believe increasing royalties paid to authors is realistic but said, "there is also a growing demand from this community [publishing world]  for authors to become more a part of the process in publishing a book, for them to be seen as a creative talent rather than an annoying supplier, and that resonates with us".

Not sure I like that last remark, being called an 'annoying supplier' but this prompted me to look at their web site in more detail and I see that they are into 'partnership publishing'  and 'self-publishing.'  They have a no punches page on getting published then link you to a self-publishing page, where presumably they make money out of  'annoying suppliers.'

I'm not sure what kind of book they are talking about on their partnership publishing progamme but if you look at what they are charging for publishing your book, the unit price works out  at £99.98! I'll leave you to decide if it's worth it but you might want to search this web site for articles on self publishing and vanity publishing before you do so.