A novel idea for marketing your book

Ever thought of hiring an actor or actress to read your book (or an extract of it) in public?  For the public shy this could be the answer, or might just help bring your book to life in a way the author can't.

In an unusual marketing move, writer Jennifer Belle recently hired dozens of actresses to read her book around New York City and laugh hysterically. What a great idea.  I've thought about employing actors to sit on the train on the commute to London, or on the underground, a couple or few  people per carriage, all reading copies of my novels, different novels that is and then perhaps engaging the person sitting next to them or opposite in conversation raving about the book they're reading.

Belle decided to take publicity for 'The Seven Year Bitch' into her own hands after receiving unsatisfying advice from her publisher. After receiving applications from approximately 600 actresses, Belle picked candidates who had particularly infectious laughs. The stunt was covered by blogging authors, the New York Times and Judith Regan Sirius's radio show. In an article for Publishing Perspectives, Belle said that the campaign had an element of self-indulgence, admitting to the thrill of spotting strangers reading her book.

Great idea, Jennifer, and well done.  I might even imitate you!