Positive book sales in July and the genres which are selling well

As reported in the Bookseller Magazine, July saw the UK's first positive month of sales since September 2009. Prior to September, the market had taken a sales hit every month as far back as May 2009, when it saw a growth of 2.6% to £105m. 

According to figures from Nielsen Bookscan data, the market was up 0.1% year-on-year in July, not a great deal but at least into positive rather than negative figures. Nielsen report that book spend reached £121.2m, which compared favourably to the 5.5% decline for the first 26 weeks of the year.

Major contributors to this are Dan Brown and  Stieg Larsson who contributed 0.8%, of total sales and 1.4% of books sold respectively.

Other genres that enjoyed strong sales in July include economics, history, humour and art. The popularity of dark romance, by authors such as L J Smith, has also driven young adult fiction sales year on year.

Travel guides and travel literature genres continue to struggle in 2010, while sales within the true crime, popular science, and children’s non-fiction sectors were also down year on year over the four-week period.