Johnson backs publishing venture for books on business and technology

Former Borders financier Luke Johnson is backing a new publisher of business and technology books, Brightword Publishing which is a joint venture between Enterprise Nation, a resource for those working from home, independent publisher Harriman House and former Dragon's Den investor Doug Richard.

Along with Johnson, c.e.o. of investment firm Risk Capital Partners, the board comprises Julie Meyer, c.e.o. of Ariadne Capital, Sahar Hashemi, founder of Coffee Republic and Rachel Bridge, enterprise editor of the Sunday Times. In 2011, the publisher plans to release a series of e-books on business and technology topics as well as a print book by Richard.

Myles Hunt, managing director of Harriman House, said: "We have some great products lined up, some excellent contributors, a whole heap of innovative publishing ideas and the perfect partners in Enterprise Nation and Doug Richard to make this all happen. We think there is scope to provide the small business and start up community with some really valuable fresh content delivered in new and exciting ways."