Virtual Book Tours: How To Set Up And Run A Successful Book Tour

Virtual book tours can be a very powerful way of spreading the word about your book, but need a level of organisation and creativity.  In this article Bubblecow looks at why you should be setting up a virtual book tour, how to find blogs to host your tour and how to get the most out of the experience.

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What Is A Virtual Book Tour?

In its simplest form a virtual book tour is a collection of blog posts, hosted on a number of different blogs, all promoting your book. A typical format would be for five different blogs each posting about your book on five consecutive days (say Monday to Friday).

The power behind a virtual book tour is that the author has a chance to influence readers that are probably not already visiting their blog, or are even aware of their book. If the blogs hosting the tour are carefully chosen, the writer has the ability to reach literally thousands of new readers with just a few blog posts.

There is no strict format to the number of blogs used in a tour, or timing of the posts or even the content of the posts. It is up to the organiser of the tour (normally the writer) to be as creative as possible in producing a series of posts that will been seen by the most number of blog readers.