Initiatives to boost the book trade

Booksellers Association president Jane Streeter, owner of The Bookcase in Lowdham, announced three projects including Book Relief, a National Reading Group Day and an events calendar at the Independent Booksellers Forum (IBF) conference, she aimed to have achieved by 2012.

An annual National Reading Group day would "allow all booksellers to get involved with their local reading groups". Streeter said publishers could perhaps nominate specific books for inclusion.

Another suggestion was Book Relief. The idea would be similar to Comic Relief and Sports Relief and could potentially have celebrity support. Streeter said: "The aim would be to raise money for books for children all around the world . . . and to raise the profile of books."

An events calendar which looks at seasonal events and dedicated days, providing booksellers with themes to focus book promotion on was another idea. The Crime Writers' Association already has National Crime Writing Week 13-19 June 2011 so perhaps the Booksellers Association could link up with this and promote crime fact and fiction during the week.

The BA and the Publishers Association previously unveiled a joint marketing initiative based on the idea of "Bookaholics" at the 2009 Book Industry Conference. However the idea was widely criticised online and the concept was put on "pause" because of the "increased cost of implementation."