Opposing views at conference that said publishers and authors must think more about readers

Some interesting points and opposing views from a conference held to 'help publishers explore the ways that books, film, television, games and other content industries use to get their content to consumers.'

More than 300 people attended the the inaugural StoryDrive conference with speakers from online and gaming companies.

Kathrin Passig, author and journalist, said: “In the book business we are not used to talking to the reader or thinking about the reader as our customer. This is a lot more difficult for creatives (authors) than we may imagine. It is a bit intimidating.

“It is not only the publishing houses who will have to deal with the changes but the creatives. We’ve got to think about what the public wants and not what the publisher or the bookseller wants.”

Tim Renner, producer, author and journalist at Motor Entertainment, disagreed. He said: “It is absolutely not what an artist should think about—an artist is not providing a service.”

Passig accused publishers of not taking into consideration what the public wants and focusing instead on making money.

“No one wants hardcover editions, people hate them, they just buy them because there is no other edition at the time,” she said.