Publishing is no longer a growth industry claims author and new media guru

Douglas Rushkoff has said that the publishing industry is no longer a growth business and needs to drastically reduce its scale in order to sustain itself in the future.

Speaking at the Tools of Change conference on 5 October in Frankfurt, Rushkoff said the publishing business could not now grow fast enough to support the corporate structure of large media groups. He told delegates: "What we are contending with is the fact that not as many of us are needed as used to be. Publishing can get on better if it only needs to support about 40% of the people it currently employs."

Rushkoff said he had published his latest book, Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age, independently because he no longer needed a Random House, or an Ingram, or a Barnes & Noble, to reach his customers. He said he was now able to offer his book direct at a lower price to customers. "And I can publish it straightaway, and not wait two years for a publisher to publish it."

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