Survey shows slow take up for British downloading e books

The majority of Great Britain has yet to download an e-book and say they are unlikely to do so in the next six months, according to a new survey by Book Marketing Limited called Understanding the GB Digital Consumer.

The initial stage of an online survey, conducted between 18th August and 1st September, from a sample of 4,085 adults revealed 19% of adults claim to have downloaded e-books, book extracts or chapters. While 18% have downloaded free book content, only 7% have downloaded paid-for content.

Digital content is consumed the most by men, the young, those in higher social grades and students. The survey found heavy book buyers paid for on average six e-books during the past sixmonths. The survey also found despite the growing popularity in iPhones and iPads, laptop and desktop computers remain the most popular way of reading e-books.

The full findings will be anounced at the Publishers Association Conference Creating the Future: the Digital and E-book Market in 2011 on 9th February at Hamilton House in London.