25 Best Novels for Psychology Buffs

This interesting little article was sent to my official web site and I thought it might be of interest to readers of this blog. As a crime writer I am deeply interested in personality, behaviour and motivation, and my main character in my marine mystery crime novels, DI Andy Horton is psychology scarred as a result of a traumatic incident in his childhood. Both Adam Greene in In Cold Daylight and Alex Albury in In For The Kill have also experienced life changing events that have altered  their patterns of behaviour, but has it changed their personalities?  Ah, perhaps that's a debate for another day and another article.

Meanwhile here is a taster of the article and if you wish to read more then please visit their website.

"Psychology and mental health issues obviously comprise a significant slice of the literary scene. Hardly surprising, considering the amount of drama and provocative questions to be wrung out of the truly bizarre, occasionally beautiful human mind. Far, far more books than these 25 exist to pique the minds of psychology fans, and many worthy ones were left off due to space constraints. However, this does not devalue their worth to readers in any way, and anyone curious about insight presented would do well to seek these titles out."

Click here to visit the web site and see the 25 Best Novels for Psychology Buffs and read more.