Quercus market share rockets by more than 100%

Written By: Lisa Campbell

Quercus is expected to make profits of £7.3m in 2010 after increasing its market share over the year by 103% and recording "double-digit growth across its entire offering". The publisher responsible for Stieg Larsson's bestselling Millennium Trilogy revealed the group's share jumped to 1.37%, up from 0.66% in 2009 in a market that declined by 1.7%.

Quercus chief executive Mark Smith said market expectations suggested the company will increase its profits by £6m in a year, from £1.2m at the end of 2009 to £7.3m in 2010. Predictions also suggest the group will have sold 33 million books.

E-books accounted for 3% of the company's revenue last year, an increase of 400-500% on the year before, Smith said.

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