People in Publishing

Adam Rothberg has been promoted to Senior VP, Corporate Communications at Simon & Schuster. He joined the company in 1985 and has been VP, Corporate Communications since 1999.

Penguin and BlogHer have partnered for an online book club and writer's conference. Starting today BlogHer's new book club section will feature two Penguin titles a month, beginning with Geraldine Brooks' novel People of the Book. The writer's conference will take place in New York this fall and will target women writers and bloggers.

Open Road Integrated Media has appointed Biagi Rights Management as their subsidiary rights licensing agent. Rights inquiries can be directed to Linda Biagi who will be at the London Book Fair representing Open Road's list.

Simone Garzella Literary Scouting has been appointed literary scout for Klidarithmos in Greece.

Paul Dinas has left Alpha Books, where he was a senior editor, in the wake of the company's reorganization and closing of its editorial offices in New York. He may be reached at

Associate Publisher of Knopf Canada Michael Schellenberg has decided to leave the company to consider new paths for his future career. ' I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with him and see his creative talent and commitment to authors, as well as his passion for books, both literary and commercial,' said Random House Canada EVP Louise Dennys in a statement. Schellenberg joined Knopf Canada as a senior editor in 2003.

Randy Ladenheim-Gil has left Alpha Books, where she was executive editor, in the wake of the company's consolidation of the imprint's editorial staff in its Indiana offices and closing of its editorial offices in New York. She may be reached at
Jessica Alvarez has joined BookEnds Literary Agency as an agent, effective immediately. Previously she was an editor with Harlequin and has more recently been a freelance editor. Correcting an item in Thursday's dispatch, the first book as part of the Penguin/BlogHer book club partnership is Geraldine Brooks' new novel, Caleb's Crossing, published by Viking on May 3.