Independent Publisher Myrmidon in the UK accepts novel submissions direct and from authors without an agent

Myrmidon Books is a vibrant young, independent publisher in the UK who certainly seem to be going places. Their medium term goal is to become "the UK’s most influential independent publisher of commercial and literary adult fiction outside the capital."

Refreshingly they welcome new and original submissions from both established and first-time writers and these can either be sent directly or through an established literary agent. Please note that they do not currently publish non fiction children’s books, short stories or novellas. In addition, only hard-copy submissions are accepted. Unsolicited materials sent by electronic mail will be deleted unopened.

So if you think you have a book that might be suitable for their list (and do check out their web site before submitting) then you will need to send the first two or three chapters of your manuscript which should be typed with double spacing and with each chapter beginning on a fresh page.

Enclose a brief covering letter that outlines the nature and subject of the work and tells them a little about yourself. Include any previous writing experience and whether the chapters are from a completed draft or a work in progress. (If the latter, give a realistic assessment of how much remains to be written and when it is expected to be finish.)

And on a hugely welcome note they rarely bother to read synopses and find "they seldom do a novel justice."  Well said. But if you must include one then restrict it to two sides of A4.

Enclose a suitable, self-addressed envelope with return postage. (Return postage should be in the form of International Reply Coupons if you are submitting from outside the United Kingdom.)

Read more at Myrmidon Books.