Big Green Bookshop to hold riot benefit to raise money for those made homeless

The Big Green Bookshop in London is to hold a comedy gig to raise money for the victims made homeless by the "appalling behaviour" of rioters in Tottenham last weekend.

London’s Wood Green where the bookshop is based was also hit by looters on Sunday 7th August but The Big Green Bookshop managed to escape unscathed.

In solidarity with those who lost their homes when shops were torched in Tottenham the bookshop will donate the proceeds of its monthly comedy gig on 19th August towards helping them recover.

Tim West, co-owner of The Big Green Bookshop, said: "The rioting is appalling behaviour by a bunch of people who really have no excuse. The proceeds will go towards the individuals who need it first then the independent business owners who lost their shops.”

He added: "We are a community and it is part of our duty to help when help is needed."

The gig is being headlined by Sir Ian Bowler, played by comedian Nat Tapley, and will take place at The Big Green Bookshop venue at 8pm. Tickets cost £5 and can be bought on the night or from the bookshop’s website.