'Ask an author' questions on Kindle

Amazon.com is offering a new feature to Kindle readers enabling them to ask authors questions directly via their Kindle devices.

@author is currently on limited release with only a handful of authors participating so it will be interesting to see how this develops. I have an Author page on amazon.com and on Amazon.co.uk where my DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novels, my thrillers and my business books are available on Kindle. Over the last year I have seen Kindle sales (and ebook sales generally rise phenomenally). I've had a look at the questions being posted to the authors already participating in this new feature and wouldn't mind being one them myself. Wonder if Amazon will role this out.

Under this new feature readers can ask the authors questions, limited to 100 characters, via their Kindle, as well as being able to post queries to Amazon's various author pages via an "Ask a question" button. Anyone who has bought a book from Amazon can reply to an existing question or ask a new one, and all questions and responses can be viewed by others.

Here are the guidelines

I'll let you know if this feature is added to my Author Page.

Pauline Rowson has an Amazon Author Page on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk