Crime author Pauline Rowson and fingerprint expert Jane Aston team up on Portsmouth Live TV

Getting ready to go on air
Crime author Pauline Rowson will  be appearing on Portsmouth Live TV on the Adrian and Sally Show on Friday 30 September at 4pm with Fingerprint expert, Jane Aston from Hampshire Constabulary. They'll be chatting to Adrian and Sally about crime fiction versus crime fact in this short taster of what will be on offer at the exciting forthcoming CSI Portsmouth event at John Pounds Centre, Portsmouth on Saturday 5 November.

Jane Aston is one of the experts on hand during the day and she will be giving a fascinating talk in the morning, providing an intriguing insight into how the fingerprint bureau really works.

Jane will reveal how fingerprints are formed and how they are unique and therefore ideal for identification. She will point out some of the clues they use to discover which digit or part of the palm or even foot they are looking at and describe how they make identifications. She’ll cover the processes used in the Fingerprint Bureau and the use of Ident1 the National Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (NAFIS) and how the facts compare with the fiction frequently seen in television detective dramas and featured in crime novels. Do fictional detectives really get the results of fingerprints within hours? Join Jane Aston on Saturday 5 November at CSI Portsmouth to discover the answer to this question and many more.

Join crime author Pauline Rowson and Jane Aston on the Adrian and Sally Show on 30 September at 4pm chatting to Adrian Knight and Sally Cronin . You can tune in to watch it at Portsmouth Live TV.