Independent Publisher Constable & Robinson see sales and turnover rise

Constable & Robinson has grown turnover by 16% to £7.46m for the nine months to 31st October 2011, with total sales rising by 11% for the year to date.

Chairman Nick Robinson predicted that e-book sales should reach 12% of company turnover by the end of the current year.

The indie publisher also reported, in its full results for 2010, that turnover for the year ending 31st January 2011 was 8% up on 2009, to £8.1m, with profits 107% up, to £593,574.

Managing director Pete Duncan said: "We are particularly pleased with this year's third-quarter results on top of what was a strong year for sales and profit growth last year. As always, our authors and staff have been fundamental to this success."

Chairman Nick Robinson said: "We believe that our long-term investment in online publishing and our strong e-book sales—which should reach 12% of sales for the full current year—show the company is well positioned for 2012 and beyond."

2012 will see the publisher grow its client publishers' sales and distribution side, as well as launch its new commercial fiction imprint, Canvas.

Submission Guidelines
Constable & Robinson are happy to see submissions from new authors.  Please follow the submission guidelines on their website.