Society of Authors raises concerns over Public Lending Rights

The General Secretary of the Society of Authors, Nicola Solomon, has written to Louise Mensch MP to put forward the views of authors in relation to libraries and particularly the concerns over Public Lending Right.
The letter asks Louise Mensch to confirm that PLR will continue to be paid, whoever runs the library. Any book lending should result in a PLR payment to the author.

The Public Lending Right scheme provides authors with a modest payment each time one of their books is borrowed from a public library. PLR is designed to balance the social need for free public access to books against an author’s right to be remunerated for the use of their work.

PLR is particularly important to authors whose books are sold mainly to libraries and to those whose books are no longer in print but are still being read. Press coverage tends to focus on a few successful authors, yet most struggle to make ends meet. PLR provides a significant and much-valued part of many such authors’ income
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