Survey of authors reveals widespread dissastisfaction with the publishing industry

 A survey of professional authors has revealed serious levels of dissatisfaction with traditional publishers.
One third of authors report that they were not consulted about marketing plans. Asked about marketing campaigns, 38.7% of authors chose the answer, ‘What marketing campaign? I never noticed one.’ Almost one-half of authors (45.8%) say that their publisher has never asked them for feedback.

When asked, ‘With your next book, if some other publisher offered you the same advance as your current one, would you move to the new house or stay where you are?’, just 37.3% of authors chose, ‘I’d stay.’ That implies about two-thirds of authors would prefer to move to a new publisher - or think hard about doing so.

The survey was commissioned by the Writers’ Workshop, an editorial consultancy, and 323 authors responded. Those authors were generally much-published, typically by major publishing houses. The survey benefitted from the assistance of the Society of Authors, the Crime Writers Association, the Romantic Novelists Association and many others. TWW believes it to be the largest recent survey of its kind.

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