Barnes & Noble to launch Nook e-reader in UK in the autumn

Barnes & Noble is to take on Amazon in the European digital book market by launching its Nook e-reader in the UK this autumn. The move marks Barnes & Noble's first expansion outside the United States, and follows a $605m (£385m) cash injection by Microsoft in April as the software company acted to capitalise on the digital publishing boom.

A shop front will open in mid-October, selling e-readers and a catalogue of digital books, magazines, newspapers, films and computer games. The company says it will soon announce partnerships with "leading UK retailers" to sell both devices and content from its range of 2.5m digital titles.

The Nook, launched in October 2009, has been popular in the US and helped Barnes & Noble eat into Amazon's ebook market share. Thanks to the popularity of its Kindle reader, Amazon at one point claimed to generate 90% of sales in the US, but that has fallen to 60% as Apple's iTunes store and the Nook make inroads.

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