Author Pauline Rowson's Ten Rules For Writing

Pauline Rowson is the author of the contemporary crime novels featuring the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton. Her first crime novel to feature DI Horton, Tide of Death, was published in 2006 and hailed by Amazon as the 'Best of British Crime Fiction.' Following this in swift succession, were two thrillers, In Cold Daylight, which was voted by the public as their third best read in an online poll for World Book Day 2008 and In for the Kill.  DI Horton made his second appearance in Deadly Waters and the eighth in the Horton series Death Lies Beneath was published in July. Her ninth DI Horton, Undercurrent, is to be published in 2013 and she is currently writing the next in the series.

Her crime novels have an International readership and have been translated into several languages. They have received critical acclaim in the UK and the USA where they are also published.

The Guardian Newspaper ran an article once asking writers for their ten rules for writing, so I thought I would pen mine. Here are the first three, read the rest on my official website.

1.. Always have a pencil and paper with you, in every handbag, shopping bag, pocket, and of course beside your bed. You never know when that wonderful idea might strike. A Dictaphone might also be useful.  Gone
are the days when you got funny looks for talking into a machine or even talking to yourself walking down the road. Everybody’s at it now.

2. Travel by public transport as often as you can.  If you’ve got a bus pass so much the better, you can stay on it all day for free and save on heating bills at home.  You see and meet some great characters for novels.

 3. Earwig other people's conversations in cafes, bars, buses, trains. Hoover up their stories and anecdotes only don’t to it too overtly because you’ll either get arrested or punched in the face.

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