Amazon to open European publishing wing

Amazon has said that it is to open a European publishing wing headquartered in Luxembourg, focused on English-language titles aimed at the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

The division will be headed by Vicky Griffith, publisher of Amazon's West Coast Group, who will relocate from Seattle in the New Year and begin building a team of editors and marketers.

In a letter sent to agents by Jeff Belle, vice president, Amazon Publishing, Belle said Amazon was "determined to invent ways to help authors reach more readers", adding "As our CEO likes to say, 'It's still day one.' That is especially true of Amazon Publishing. We have much work to do, and many challenges ahead of us, and we remain relentlessly focused on providing the best possible publishing experience for your authors."

Jeff Belle, vice president, Amazon Publishing,  also announced a slight reorganisation of its US publishing business folllowing Griffith's move, with Larry Kirshbaum, publisher of the East Coast Group, expanding his brief to include Amazon's Seattle adult imprints, as well as Amazon Children's Publishing. Daphne Durham will step into the role of editor-in-chief across all of our adult imprints, reporting to Kirshbaum.

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