New Literary Agency opens in UK part of The Agency Group

Neil Warnock, CEO of The Agency Group (TAG), has announced the opening of a new UK literary division. The division will be headed by Jonathan Conway, with Juliet Mushens joining as a literary agent. Based in TAG's London office, the new division will work alongside TAG's existing literary agency in New York.

Marc Gerald, Vice President, and head of TAG's US literary division said: "I am positively thrilled that Jonathan Conway has decided to lead our efforts in the UK and that Juliet Mushens has agreed to join us. Both have developed incredibly compelling lists over a relatively short span that synergize very nicely with what we have going in the US. In a time of enormous industry change, we see them paving the way."

Jonathan Conway said: "I am delighted to be taking up such an exciting role at The Agency Group, working with Juliet to build on the success of Marc Gerald and his team in New York. From the outset I have been so impressed by my new colleagues; their wide-ranging expertise across complimentary parts of the entertainment industry, and their vision for the growth of the business, with this expansion of TAG's literary department at its heart."

Juliet Mushens says "The Agency Group is a dynamic company with an entrepreneurial yet nurturing ethos. I'm thrilled to be a part of this new stage in its growth."

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